Eagles Franchise DeSean Jackson

Posted by Levi Satterlee on March 1, 2012

To all those dreaming of bringing DeSean Jackson in to join forces with Percy Harvin, keep dreaming. The Philadelphia Eagles officially placed their franchise tag on Jackson, guaranteeing that they will either keep him for another year or get a bundle of draft picks in exchange for his services.

“We want DeSean to be an Eagle for the long haul, and this is a step in the right direction to accomplish that,” said Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman via Profootballtalk.com. “DeSean is a talented player and a proven playmaker in this league, and we look forward to him continuing his career in Philadelphia. It’s our understanding that he has the same desire. We will continue our efforts on getting a long-term deal done with him.”

It comes as no surprise the Eagles franchised their diva wide receiver. He is extremely talented, and they need to insure that they will either keep him catching touchdowns in Philly or get a slew of talented young rookies in return.

This, of course, doesn’t mean the Eagles will keep Jackson, or even that they intend to, regardless of what Roseman says. Jackson’s “me first” attitude has been well documented in Philly, and it would be no surprise to see him traded to the highest bidder (if there is one).

But make no mistake, it won’t be the Vikings. Rick Spielman has never been a fan of giving up draft picks, and after the Randy Moss incident in 2010, there is no way the Vikings will be making any sort of run at a player who is known for his selfish, diva attitude. Moreover, if Jackson wasn’t happy in Andy Reid’s pass happy offense last year, how would he take being traded to a run-first team with a second-year quarterback? Not well.

So you can cross DeSean Jackson off your potential free agent list. But not to worry, there’s always Peyton Manning.


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